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photo of Starfish

Most Starfish are found on rocky outcrops on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.
photo of Scenic Tours Canada
Scenic Tours Canada

Most Scenic Tours Canada include Moraine Lake in Banff National Park
photo of Sunset Vancouver Island
Sunset Vancouver Island

Sunset over Northern Vancouver Island with view over Port McNeill, Sointula and Port Hardy Bay
photo of Quirpon Island Lighthouse
Quirpon Island Lighthouse

The Quirpon Island Lighthouse is located on Quirpon Island on the northeastern tip and looks over the Strait of Belle Isle.
photo of Farewell Canyon
Farewell Canyon

Farewell Canyon is a very dramatic sandstone canyon in British Columbia, Canada
photo of Prince Of Wales Hotel
Prince Of Wales Hotel

Maybe one of the nicest Hotels settings - the Prince of Wales Hotel in the Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta in the canadian Rocky Mountains.
photo of Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier

Salmon Glacier in Misty Fjord National Monument on the Alaska and British Columbia Border.
photo of Niagara Falls Horseshoe Falls
Niagara Falls Horseshoe Falls

Its the Horseshoe Falls that most people come to see when traveling to Niagara Falls during their vacation in Ontario, Canada.
photo of Nimpkish Lake
Nimpkish Lake

Situated on Northern Vancouver Island near Port McNeill, Nimpkish Lake is a popular recreational lake.
photo of Pictures Of Trees
Pictures Of Trees

A beautiful row of decidous trees with fall foliage of orange, red and yellow in Nova Scotia, Canada.
photo of Fundy National Park
Fundy National Park

Situated in New Brunswick, the Fundy National Park of Canada features an extensive network of hiking trails, sea kayaking, and wildlife viewing.
photo of Old Man River Alberta
Old Man River Alberta

The Old Man River begins its journey in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, and passes by the city of Lethbridge before joining the South Saskatchewan River and eventually ending in Hudson Bay.
photo of Duffy Lake
Duffy Lake

A beautiful lake located in British Columbia is Duffy Lake, an ideal recreational area for family vacations.
photo of Canadian Wilderness
Canadian Wilderness

The great Canadian wilderness is seen throughout the province of British Columbia in Canada.
photo of Rainforest

The moss covered logs in the rainforest of the Queen Charlotte Islands, Graham Island in British Columbia, Canada
photo of Pure Water
Pure Water

The pure water in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia, flows from thawing snow in the mountains and glacier fields.
photo of British Columbia Lake
British Columbia Lake

Duffy Lake is situated in British Columbia between Whistler and Lillooet.
photo of Eskimo Sign
Eskimo Sign

The snow covered inukshuk stands alone on a clear winter day in Alaska. The inukshuk is an ancient eskimo sign that is used as a marker in areas which are void of natural landmarks such as arctric regions.
photo of Tulip Pictures
Tulip Pictures

The Cullens Gardens & Miniature Village in Ontario Canada is a great place for taking tulip pictures.
photo of Rainbows

Photo of Rainbows and heavy rain over Sointula on Malcolm Island, Northern Vancouver island
photo of Funny Signs
Funny Signs

Photo of Funny Signs on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia
photo of Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes in Saskatchewan at sunset
photo of Peyto Lake Banff National Park
Peyto Lake Banff National Park

Peyto Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta at early morning on a beautiful "perfect Rocky Mountain" day
photo of Dinosaur Park
Dinosaur Park

photo of Prince Edward Island Travel
Prince Edward Island Travel

photo of Autumn Scenery Pictures
Autumn Scenery Pictures

Autumn Scenery Pictures, Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada
photo of Fall Scenery
Fall Scenery

On Cape Breton, Nova Scotia the fall scenery is spectacular
photo of Rainbow Pictures
Rainbow Pictures

Rainbow Pictures of Mistaya Canyon in Banff National Park
photo of Canoe On Lake
Canoe On Lake

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